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Find the Right Garage Plan With Loft

With our user-friendly search system, you can easily find your designed plan. Just follow this simple guide, and you’ll locate the garage plan you want quickly and efficiently.

  1. Click the search button.
  2. Select “garage plans.”
  3. Choose “garage plans with loft.”
  4. You’ll see a collection of plans arranged for you in pages.
  5. Click on any of them to get more details about the plan.
  6. See a sketch of the blueprint for the garage by clicking "Quick Plan View."
  7. You can also view many specifications and pricing details for each plan.
  8. If you like the plan, you can order it by clicking “Order Online.”

Perks of Having a Garage With a Loft

A garage with a loft has a room suspended above the ground, and it’s usually built at 7 to 8 feet below your ceiling. This extra room will give you additional space that can be used in various ways, including:

  1. Storage: You can double your garage storage space with a loft. Place large items up in the loft and reduce the clutter on the ground floor.
  2. Living quarters: Your loft can serve as a living space for older children or as a guest room. This setup gives more privacy to the user. The space can also be used as a family room or game room.
  3. Workspace: If you work at home, your garage loft can be a real productivity booster. It will be easier for you to concentrate since you have a quiet place that’s detached from the rest of the house.

Why Family Home Plans?

Family Home Plans offers you a unique search service that grants access to more than 30,000 house plans created by highly skilled architects and building designers. Using this service will offer you the following benefits:

  • Time and money savings: Our system is ultra-fast, and the plans are grouped into different categories to make it easy to find the type of plan you want. Also, you can save over 80% of what you'd pay an architect to draw a similar plan for you.
  • Price match guarantee: We'll offer a special discount to you if you can find a website offering the same plan at a lower price.
  • Ability to customize plans: You can get your chosen plan modified and customized at a very low cost. For instance, add an extra room or increase the size of the garage to suit your needs.

Inquire About or Purchase One of Our Garage Plans Today

Call us now to ask any questions you may have about any garage plan. We’re committed to helping you make the best decision and get the best plan to suit your tastes, budget, style and functional needs. When you’re ready, simply purchase the garage plan of your choice with a few clicks for quick and easy access.

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